Planet Mirrorball?  A planet - that looks like a mirrorball - at the center of the galaxy - where all stars are generated from - and disco is forever.

Sounds like a fun place to be!   Hey, I would go, if it was real! 

That's the way I usually describe this project when asked.

Then I would elaborate how I was inspired by films of the late 70's / early 80's

like Xanadu, Logan's Run, Tron & Flash Gordon and some Saturday Night Fever.

But some of you would have recognized that. Maybe you're a fan of unique films

good or bad. And maybe, just maybe, you want to experience MORE!

That's my job. I'm Steven Carino. The writer and director of Planet Mirrorball. 

( I'm also editor and designed the visual effects and backgrounds, but we'll leave it at

writing and directing for the sake of modesty. )

It's more of a quality-control job, handling the legacy of disco in an off-beat-fantasy way.

Disco music and the late 70's is often portrayed as kitschy and comically tacky. But there is something missing. If you listen to the music, from Electric Light Orchestra's "Strange Magic" to "Magic" by Olivia Newton-John or "Could It be Magic" by Donna Summer. These and other songs really compels the listener into a passionate neither-world.

Can you image what that looks like! 

Wow, I never realized 'magic' was a major factor.


Our story, a musical, is a true old-fashion tale of Boy meets Girl - from another world.
Girl save Boy from a jealous rival.
Boy lands on Girls' planet.
Girl is kidnapped by a jealous Queen who intends to destroy the Earth with

Girl's amplified voice.

Boy must rescue Girl with the help of a Neon Dancing Robot, Funk Pirates and

Roller-Skating Amazon Women.

It's a classic story told since the greek ages. Trust me.

So please, spread the word on our project.

We're still producing the full demo trailer and developing all the materials.
If this is something you really want to see, you have to let us know!

Be a vocal fan!

Because If this production fails, I guarantee you, you'll never have a chance to see anything like it ever again.

And, I think, we'll all miss out on something special.

Thank you,

Steven Carino
Planet Mirrorball.

What - The Heck - Is This?